Monaco Luxury Weddings and International Luxury Media produces gala events, award winning concerts, film premieres and society weddings internationally. Please Visit our blog for the latest news.

Our specialist location is Monte-Carlo, Monaco and the south of France. ILM is the creator and producer of the Better World Awards held in Monte-Carlo, Monaco annually. The Better World Awards, like so many other charity galas produced by International Luxury Media, attracts celebrities, corporate presidents and international society.

ILM events are unique, creative and always exceptionally well produced. The ILM trademark is one of superior event execution. From food presentation to concert production and event decor, the ILM team coordinate the finest suppliers, designers and production teams worldwide, adding a touch of je ne sais quoi to the branding of any event. International Luxury Media has over 20 years of business experience with partnership offices in New York City and Los Angeles.

We work with the finest global design teams, taking care to choose the perfect production team to finely execute the creation of any grand event and concert. We are also able to supply an in-house production team. Depending upon where the event is held, we have support teams and well-established links with various equipment rental companies to ensure the smooth running of your event. We import the very best of the world’s resources and can adapt any venue to suit the needs of your function.

International Luxury Media has developed excellent relationships with the world’s finest suppliers, allowing us to receive industry discounts whilst also retaining quality services. International Luxury Media boasts exclusive access to several prestigious French Riviera locations. We have an experienced production team able to create your perfect event in any location. ILM brings together all of the ingredients needed to create your perfect party. We combine past experience of creative production and our exclusive local connections to develop your vision and take it to the next level.


International Luxury Media has been a top concert producer for many years. Our experienced production team has previously produced concerts for a number of Grammy Winning Singers. We can help you attract high profile names to your event and have both the ability and integrity to negotiate fees with artist management. The ILM name, synonymous with quality and expertise, guarantees outstanding concert production.


We have produced functions all over the world and our local and international knowledge of legal and ethical issues ensures that we are able to create an event for you practically anywhere. International Luxury Media primarily produces events, concerts and weddings in Monte-Carlo, the French Riviera, New York City, the Caribbean and Los Angeles. We specialise in creating high impact, imaginative events all over the world; we created a three-ring circus at a St. Tropez villa, a Pirates of the Caribbean party on a yacht in Saint-Barthelemy, an Earth Wind and Fire concert at the Café de Paris in Monaco and a prestigious champagne reception on Liberty Island in New York City.

International Luxury Media is a creative corporation which produces original events. Thanks to our clients from all over the world, International Luxury Media’s focus is global in scope. International Luxury Media and our wedding division: Monaco Luxury Weddings provide a full service public relations package acting as a press attaché in any area of the world when creating an event. From St. Petersburg where we coordinated the press for the Catherine Palace Tsar’s Ball, to Paris where we assisted at the VIP Roland Garros catering to Monaco where we produce the annual Better World Awards. International Luxury Media is synonymous with event perfection.

Concept Design

The Monaco Luxury Weddings’ team will choose the right designer for you, transforming your chosen location into a space which surprises, delights and intrigues your wedding guest. Monaco Luxury Weddings have previously created a number of thematic weddings. Classical and triumohant or whimsical and charming- you choose!

Monaco Luxury Weddings have previously transformed a charming Provencal town into a magical medieval gala, laid out a Venetian style banquet on the sands in Antibes and 1970s disco in a grand palace. At Monaco Luxury Weddings, anything is possible! We have access to world-famous designers. We have worked with, and can access talents such as Preston Bailey, Colin Cowie, Anthony Todd and Eric Lysdahl. Illustrated above are a range of events designed by these brilliant designers.

The Better World Awards

The Better World Awards, established in 2008, have rapidly become a regular fixture on Monaco social calendar, attracting an international crowd of celebrities and society figures united by their desire to honour those who have helped make the world a better place. The crowd is always excited when distinguished guests such as H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco, Boris Becker and Prince Emmanuel de Savoie stop to greet them. Previous honourees have included Julian Lennon, who was recognized for his contribution to environmental preservation, Ky-Mani Marley who was recognized for his humanitarian work in Jamaica and Flavio Briatore for his philanthropic work in Kenya. In previous years Bryan Ferry and Ky-Mani Marley have performed to the sell-out crowd at the Hotel de Paris. Each year The Better World Awards donates its auction proceeds to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and one other charity. Monaco Matin described The Better World Awards as, “un rendez-vous de prestige en principauté.”


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